Mindful listening and mindful speech

True presence and deep listening is the biggest gift you can give anyone - whether it is you children, spouse, friends, family, colleagues, students or teachers.

Often we are not present with one another and we do not really listen to other people or listen within.

In this one time 3 hour workshop we will practice:

  • What is mindfulness?
  • What is mindful listening? How to stay present.
  • Mindfulness meditation awareness of breath and sounds.
  • The body scan.
  • Simply seeing.
  • Explore different communication patterns when we are stressed.
  • R.A.I.N exercise
  • Mindful listening exercise.

Date: Friday September 13 from 3-6PM (one time event)

Donation: Suggested 10-15 KD (kindly pay cash and I will give the money to the fund).

The donation will go to the stray dog called Pirate. He has just moved from the Shelter Adopt A Street Princess (AASP) and to a warm foster home here in Kuwait. Next step is to send him to his forever home in America. Whether you love dogs or not it is in all our good favor here in Kuwait to find the stray dogs a safe and loving home so we all can live peacefully and respectfully together.

A group of volunteers with big compassionate hearts are sending abandoned dogs from Kuwait to USA: https://worldanimalguardians.blogspot.com/

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

- Loa Tzu (601 BC)

I look forward to meet you and practice mindfulness with you. A practice that has changed my own life in a profound way.

Adress: Villa 8. Street 608. Al Salam block 6. Send me a WhatsApp 965-96961047 if you want me to send location.

Make sure you get a confirmation email so I can send you a few more details.